Advantages of Using an L Clamp Bracket

l clamp bracket

L Clamp brackets are widely used in CNC machines. This type of bracket features two 30mm slots which are arranged thirty millimeters apart. It is made of high-quality mild steel and has a welded 90-degree support triangle. It also has several mounting options, including four M3*6mm screws. Its modular design gives it great flexibility. Here are some of the advantages of using an L Clamp.

An L-plate provides more contact area on the base of the camera. This means that it does not rotate on the bracket base plate, which is essential for steady shots. Moreover, camera-specific L-plates fit tightly around the camera’s contours and almost become part of it. The L-plate also helps in keeping the weight of the camera directly over the tripod when the camera is positioned in portrait orientation. This increase in stability of the camera will result in better images.