CarPro Iron X Remover

carpro iron x iron remover

If you’ve ever had a problem with rust, the best way to get rid of it is with CarPro Iron X. This pH neutral, acid-free product effectively removes ferrous particles from your car’s exterior without damaging the paint. It also prevents the spread of iron-related damage to the paint system. It’s also acid and pH-neutral, meaning that it’s safe for use on all solid car surfaces, including clear coats.

For a better, more concentrated solution, you can opt for the paste form of CarPro Iron X. This product is especially effective against stubborn stains on wheel surfaces, such as brake dust. Almost every detailer has encountered this problem: brake dust deposits built-up on wheel rims. Iron X Paste is designed to target these deposits with pinpoint accuracy. While it’s more concentrated than the spray version, it can be used on a variety of surfaces and is thick enough to adhere to vertical panels.

Iron X is not intended to remove modern paint protection films. It’s best used on a car’s exterior after it’s been washed with a quality auto wax. It won’t affect any modern paint protection film, and is completely safe for use on your vehicle’s paint. While it’s effective on most paint types, the smell is not pleasant. If you’re worried about rust stains, you can use CarPro Iron X Paste instead.