CarPro Iron X Review

carpro iron x

CarPro Iron X is an acid-free, pH-balanced formula that decontaminates auto paint and wheels, preventing the spread of iron-related damage. This product is vital in protecting your vehicle’s paint system, which is constantly exposed to unseen threats such as road grime, bird droppings, and other debris. CarPro Iron X can save the day with regular use. Follow these simple steps to protect your vehicle’s finish.

First, mix one part snow soap with eight parts water. This mixture will not be as strong as the original Iron X liquid spray, but it is the strongest inorganic particle remover available. Mix one part snow soap with eight parts water to create a paste-like substance. Apply the solution to the surface, allowing the paste to react with the paint. Rinse the product off thoroughly afterward. You can also apply it to other areas with a damp closed cell sponge.

Once applied to the paint, the paste is highly effective against stubborn brake dust deposits. In addition to removing these, IronX is highly effective on the wheel surface. Every detailer has encountered these built-up brake dust deposits. This product is designed to tackle these with pinpoint accuracy. It is thick enough to stay on vertical panels. After application, the paint should shine. And because it’s pH-balanced, you’ll never have to worry about streaks or water spots again.

CarPro IronX is a pH-balanced acid-free formula that safely breaks down ferrous metallic contamination. It works on all types of car paint, including alloy wheels, chrome, and plastic. It forms a water-soluble complex with the particles, making it easy to remove. CarPro IronX comes in both concentrated IronX Paste and Original formulas. It is the only acid-free iron fallout remover that protects your paint system from corrosion.