Choosing a PC Controller Wireless

pc controller wireless

When choosing a PC controller wireless, you need to choose one that can connect to your system via Bluetooth. You can find many different options that work with different systems, including PlayStations, Xboxes, and Windows PCs. You can also get one that works with Android devices if they support the OTG function. When using it on an Android device, it is just a plug and play operation. Otherwise, you need to turn it back to its default connection mode and connect to your system using the Bluetooth adapter.

The 2.4G Wireless Transmission Tech provides a stable connection and 30-foot range. The ergonomic and streamlined design concept minimizes discomfort after prolonged use. The battery life of this pc controller is impressive at 6 hours. If you are worried about running out of battery life, it also has an intelligent power saving feature that turns off the device after five minutes of inactivity. This will save you a lot of battery life. A PC controller with this type of technology is a great choice for those who don’t want to be tied to a cable.

Another great benefit of the Xbox Wireless Controller is its ability to switch between PCs and Xbox consoles in seconds. You can connect the Xbox to a PC using the same Bluetooth dongle, and vice versa. The controller has a dedicated Share button, which lets you share screenshots with your PC or Xbox. This feature is handy for PCs running Windows 11, as it allows you to take screenshots of the screen. This feature is especially useful if you frequently change devices.