Choosing the Right 9 Iron Golf Club

9 iron golf club mens right

A 9 iron golf club is an extremely important piece of equipment in your golf bag. This type of club is one of the shorter irons and is used in many different ways on the golf course. The loft on this club is relatively low and makes it easy to hit. However, if you have trouble making contact with the ball, you should consider a shorter iron. This type of club is a great option for this situation.

A nine iron is used for chipping. It will travel higher and stop quicker than an ordinary club, so it’s ideal for chipping uphill. Its shape allows it to roll out more, feeding up towards the hole, but it may race past the cup if you hit it too hard. It is also important to remember that the wind and rough can affect the shot that you hit with this type of club. The proper club for the job will depend on the type of golf course you play on.

The loft of a 9 iron is typically about forty to fifty degrees. There are some clubs with lower lofts, which can be effective for short hitters, while longer hitters can benefit from a higher loft. Despite the slight differences in lofts, 9 irons are incredibly useful for long shots. They can go up to 115 yards, depending on the golfer’s skill level. So, how do you choose the right one?