CLAMP – A Review

x clamp manga

CLAMP is a series that explores the nature of human connection. While Dragons of Earth have a difficult time forging human connections, they are usually attached to other living things such as plants and animals. On the other hand, Dragons from Heaven bond with other Dragons. In many manga, CLAMP returns to this theme, emphasizing the importance of emotional connection. Although it is a male-dominated genre, it attracts a female audience as well, thanks to its action.

Initially, X manga resembles RG Veda, with some of the urban stylishness of Tokyo Babylon. However, there are no amusing fashions. The art is lavish and includes a wide range of symbols and religious icons. The most notable aspect of X manga is the interaction between Kamui and Fuma. Although their relationship is more subtle, their chemistry is still quite obvious. This series will appeal to those who enjoy the trope of tall, pretty boys with sexual desires.

CLAMP is one of the longest manga series, lasting for more than ten years, until Tsubasa and xxxHOLiC. It features an epic scope and a futuristic setting in the city of Tokyo. The story centers on a human named Sue who has the power to manipulate technology. Sue is isolated for long periods between missions, during which she develops a romance with her handler. The manga is composed of four volumes and tells the complete story of the series.