Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven

enameled cast iron dutch oven

The Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven offers the benefits of both cast iron and enamel cooking surfaces. Its smooth surface is ideal for sautéing vegetables, baking bread and searing meats. This versatile cookware also goes from the stove to the oven, and comes in different sizes to suit the needs of different cooks. You will find several different sizes and shapes, so you can be sure to find one to fit your needs.

In general, uncoated cast iron offers the best value for your money, with a generously-sized enameled cast iron oven costing less than $100. Enamelled cast iron ovens made in France are typically more expensive than their American counterparts, but a six-quart version will still cost you less than $50. Other materials, such as stainless steel and cast aluminum, vary in price. European-made enameled cast iron Dutch ovens are typically less expensive than their American and Canadian counterparts.

The Tramontina Gourmet Enameled Cast-Iron Dutch Oven is a great choice if you are looking for a good-quality cookware with excellent heat retention. The interior surface of this pan is smooth, which makes it easy to monitor your food without burning. It also has a sloped base, which allows you to stir the ingredients without burning them. The Lodge cast-iron Dutch oven features a larger cooking surface.