How to Apply an Iron on Patch

d iron on patch

To apply an iron on patch, follow a few simple steps. First, prepare the patch and your iron. You’ll need to know what type of fabric you’re ironing on, because some fabrics will require higher heat settings than others. Once the patch and iron are both ready, turn the iron’s heat on, empty the water chamber, and turn off the steam. Next, position the patch on the base fabric. Finally, iron the patch over the towel.

To apply an iron on patch, turn the garment inside out and lay it flat on the ironing board. Before you begin ironing, place a pressing cloth over the newly applied area of the patch to protect it from excessive heat and to prevent damage to the garment. Once you’re finished ironing, you can apply your patch to your garment or accessories. Wear it for personalization or a unique look. And don’t forget that you can order a custom patch, as well.

Modern advancements in patch design have made them stiffer, preventing bunching or wrinkles. They’re also die-cut into precise shapes and are made with polyester blend threads to resist fading and deterioration. They’re also machine-washable and hypoallergenic. You can find more details about the history of patches in our History section. You’ll find lots of interesting facts about the history of iron-on patches and how they are created here.