How to Clean a Cast Iron Egg Pan

cast iron egg pan

Using a cast iron egg pan can make preparing breakfast a breeze. The surface of cast iron cookware is smooth, so eggs will not stick to it. The temperature of the pan is partly controlled by the taste of the eggs. To ensure the safety of eggs, it is important to heat the pan before frying them. Also, it is recommended to cover the pan with fat before cooking. Having a smooth surface makes it easier to remove the egg once it has cooked.

After cleaning the cast iron egg pan, you must apply a thin layer of oil to it. Make sure to use vegetable oil, such as olive or coconut oil, since the oil will contribute to the seasoning of the pan. It is also essential to keep the temperature of the pan higher than the eggs. After this, you should store the pan so that it does not get too hot. To preserve the quality of the cast iron, you can apply an oil layer every couple of months.

One cast iron egg pan is 4.5 inches long and is sized to fit a single egg. The larger size allows for two eggs to fit. It is versatile and can be used for toasting seeds, cooking butter, and searing burger patties. It is also useful for baking, and makes perfect edges for a variety of dishes. The egg pan is the smallest piece in the set, but it is certainly worth its price.