How to Iron an L Iron on Patch

l iron on patch

To iron an l iron on patch, you will need a pressing cloth. You can use a damp towel or pillowcase to press the patch to the garment. Hold the patch over the iron for 15 seconds, or according to the instructions. This method should be repeated several times to make sure the patch adheres properly. This method should not be used on heavy fabrics. However, if you are using a t-shirt, this method should work just fine.

The adhesive side of the L/UNIFORM patch should be flat against the garment or fabric. It should not be removed once applied. For voluminous surfaces, you can sew it on. If the patch falls off, you can add a new adhesive to it and sew it on. The patch is not suitable for leather or other types of fabrics. When applying an embroidered patch, be sure to place the adhesive side against the base fabric.

To iron an l iron on patch, turn the garment inside-out. Cover the backside with a pressing cloth. The patch should then be applied directly to the garment. However, if you are using a patch for an item that has been previously washed, you should pre-wash the garment first to minimize shrinkage. However, you can also find similar videos on YouTube. Just be sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions on how to wash your iron-on patch.