How to Use an E Iron on Patch

e iron on patch

You can use an e iron on patch on anything that is embroidered. Typically, these patches are made of felt fabric with an iron-on backing. You can apply these patches to almost any type of surface. However, before applying one to your clothing, you should test its adhesion to the surface first. To make the process even easier, you can sew around the edges. You can also purchase a patch that comes with an adhesive backing if you want a permanent solution to your problem.

After you have made the decision to purchase an iron-on patch, you need to make sure it adheres properly. First, you need to turn your garment inside-out. Turn it inside-out and place the patch on the fabric. Then, turn the garment inside-out. Next, iron the patch with firm pressure for 30 seconds and let it cool for five minutes. Once the patch is cool, you can sew or iron it on the garment.

When ironing an iron-on patch, be sure to follow the iron’s directions. Cotton-blends and fleece blankets are best for ironing. If you’re using a blanket, be careful and use a towel or parchment square under the patch before ironing. Be careful not to burn the patch. It might be too delicate. It is also best to press a parchment square on top of the patch before ironing it on.