Iron X Rust Remover

iron x rust remover

If you’re in need of a rust remover for your car, you should consider buying Iron X by CarPro. This acid-free, pH-balanced product is a perfect choice for decontaminating auto paint and wheels and protecting your vehicle’s paint system. Today’s vehicles face numerous, unseen threats, including iron and other metal particles. The proper application of an iron remover is vital for keeping your vehicle’s paint in tip-top shape.

Before applying the solution to rust, you should test its effectiveness on the affected area. Apply it neatly on the surface, including the wheels. The gel is extremely effective at removing iron particles, and it’s relatively inexpensive. Be sure to allow the product to work for 2 to 5 minutes, and test it on a small area first to ensure the product’s effectiveness. Never use IronX on anodized surfaces, cheap acrylic paint, recycled tires, or fabric convertible tops. Also, make sure to use the product outdoors, in a well-ventilated area.

After the iron-removal process, CarPro Iron X changes color from a transparent purple to a red/purple liquid. This happens because the product reacts with the iron particles and prevents any future damage. The formula stays on the car, attacking the metallic contamination and protecting the paint system. After spraying, the liquid turns purple, indicating that it is reacting with the metallic contaminants and has been able to remove them.