Iron X Wheel Cleaner

iron x wheel cleaner

An iron X wheel cleaner can be used to clean dirt and grime off wheels, tires, and rims. While this product has a strong odor, it works wonders for your car. For best results, use it under a shady area and in temperatures below 50 degrees. This way, you can prevent it from drying out and leaving behind unsightly residue. This product is also PH-balanced, making it safe for all surfaces except bare aluminum.

Iron X is available in soap form or spray form. The latter is more convenient to use on larger surfaces such as wheels. Both can be purchased from Car Pro. The choice between soap and spray depends on your specific application and needs. In addition, each product has a slightly different smell. To choose the right product, you should first determine the type of dirt on your wheels and then decide which one to buy. Then, you can go about cleaning them with a specific product.

To remove stubborn stains and other traces of iron, use Iron X. This wheel cleaner can be used as a standalone product or as a part of a complete cleaning routine. While clay bars are effective, they may scratch paint and mar the surface. In addition, using a clay bar may not be safe for your health and the environment. For most cars, an Iron X bottle should last for several months. You should only apply it when needed and not every time you wash your car.