IronX Selective Weed Killer

iron x weed killer

IronX Selective Weed Killer controls broadleaf weeds. It has no unpleasant odor and is safe for new lawns and spot treatments. The concentrate is effective in cold weather down to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This concentrate comes in 16 oz. bottles. For a complete control of broadleaf weeds, you need to use one application on the entire area, not just specific areas.

Aside from dandelions, iron X works on several types of weeds, including bilberry, common chickweed, false dandelion, Persian speedwell, silverweed cinque, wild chamomile, sedge, and a few ferns. It also kills mosses and lichens, including dollar spot and snow mold. If you’re worried about the toxic effects of iron on plants, you can also use it on your lawn to prevent its growth.

IronX Selective Weed Killer is safe for new lawns, new plants, and newly fertilized areas. It works quickly, killing most broadleaf weeds without harming nearby plants or grass. It is nontoxic and rainfast in 3 hours. It can be used for general weed control and spot-treating, and it will work well in cooler temperatures. The concentrate can be applied in any area that is prone to weeds, even to those that are too sensitive to pesticides.

FeHEDTA is a chelating agent that is bound to iron. This is soluble and readily absorbed by plants. It works by inhibiting the growth of weeds and oxidizing the iron in the soil. The product contains 26.5% Fe, but only 4.43% of actual iron. This formula is best used on broadleaf weeds, such as black medic, as it is easier to apply than turf. FeHEDTA can also stain clothes and pets when wet.