Keeping Up With the Class Pets in Animal Crossing: Wild World

8 class pets 1 squirrel 1 dog chaos

Keeping up with the class pets in Animal Crossing: Wild World can be a daunting task. These cute animals are great for helping out your child in school. They can be helpful in solving math problems, helping the teacher with her classwork, or even making you a better reader. But there are a few important things you should know about the animals in Animal Crossing: Wild World. Here are a few helpful hints:

Twitch is a cute little squirrel who has friends in the school. Twitch has a hard time escaping the menacing dog of the school principal, so he runs into the school. But as the dog chases him, the squirrel is trapped inside! Fortunately, other classroom pets help him escape. A school pet named Twitch makes his way to the schoolyard by escaping from a diving owl and a menacing dog. The book is funny and the children will love this read-aloud.