Meguiars Wheel & Paint Iron DECON

iron decon

Meguiar’s Detailer Wheel & Paint Iron DECON is a high-performance pro-strength gel formula that safely removes embedded iron particles from wheels and paint. Its rapid color change properties show that the product has been working to eliminate iron particles. It is easy to use right out of the bottle and is extremely effective at removing road grime. It can be used on a wheel and is ready to use immediately after a wash.

Iron DECON is a pH-neutral solution that works to remove bonded and embedded iron deposits from any surface. It targets visible and invisible deposits, making it easy to apply and remove without damaging paint or the surface of the car. The solution will turn purple when it comes in contact with iron particles, making it easy to spot and remove. It is best used on cool surfaces and should be used thoroughly and immediately after a wash. Unlike other products on the market, this product is safe and effective in cleaning a wide range of surfaces.

Meguiars Wheel & Paint Iron Decon is a professional-grade product that is perfect for both paint and wheels. Its gel formula sticks to any surface, including wheels and paint. This product is pH balanced and safe for both new and used paints. The Meguiars Wheel & Paint Iron Decon is the ideal solution for car owners who want to keep their car looking its best. It’s easy to apply and works fast, so you can start enjoying your new car today!