Mid Tower vs Full Tower PC Case

pc case mid tower

While the mid tower is smaller than a full tower, it is still a suitable size for many components and does not struggle to hide cables. A full tower case, also known as an XL-ATX case, can accommodate an XL-ATX motherboard and has room for a large number of hard drives. It can also accommodate several powerful video cards and can support up to ten expansion slots. For enthusiasts who want a high-performance computer, a full tower case can hold everything and be very useful.

Choosing between a full tower and a mid tower PC case isn’t a straightforward task. These two types of PC cases fill different needs, and the optimal choice will depend on your budget and the components you intend to use. A full tower case will support the largest number of components and be best for professional gamers and enthusiasts. If you’re on a budget, a mid-tower will work well for you.

A full tower PC case can accommodate most types of motherboards. DeepCool’s MaCube 550 BK is a popular full tower PC case that can accommodate ATX motherboards. It also features an extensive 420mm high-end GPS. Its tempered glass side panel provides both aesthetic appeal and protection from knocks. It also includes ventilation holes and is made of corrosion-resistant SGCC steel for long-lasting durability.