The 3 Iron Golf Club – One of the Most Underrated Clubs in Your Bag

3 iron golf club

Whether you’re a professional or an average Joe, the 3 iron golf club is one of the most underrated clubs in your bag. A 3 iron is the longest iron in an average golfer’s bag, and is often the most difficult club to hit consistently. Its smaller head and blade are what make it so difficult to hit, though. The 3 iron is still one of the most versatile clubs, and it can be used to hit the ball farthest compared to other clubs in your bag.

The 3 iron is one of the strongest clubs in a golf bag, with a loft of around 20 degrees. While it is not an easy club to hit, the 3 iron is a versatile club for most situations, including long plays off the tee or an aggressive approach shot to the green. Even if you don’t use it all the time, the 3 iron will help you develop confidence in your short game. If you want to improve your golf game, you should invest in a 3 iron and a hybrid.

The 3 iron is not recommended for mid to high-handicappers. It is also difficult to hit, with a low loft and a thin face. For this reason, most golfers don’t own one. Although the 3 iron is easier to hit than the 4 hybrid, it requires a great deal of speed. That’s why many golfers never have one. If you are considering a 3 iron golf club, make sure it has the right swing angle.