The Benefits and Disadvantages of a Desk Riser

A desk riser is a piece of furniture that elevates the desk, enabling the user to stand while working. It can be used in any place where a flat surface is available, such as a kitchen table, workshop countertop, or office cubicle. You can also use a desk riser to increase the height of your computer monitor stand, thus providing you with a natural sitting-standing posture. Standing for extended periods is an effective way to get physical benefits while working.

The Loctek M2W is a medium-sized desk riser that features a 12-position adjustable height. It has a built-in tablet support groove, and measures 3ft by 2ft by 1ft. It weighs 48 pounds and comes with a 10-year warranty. You should also consider the size of your desktop when selecting a desk riser. Buying one that’s too small might not provide you with the right support.

The benefits of a desk riser are many. Using one while working can increase productivity and relieve joint pains. Standing instead of sitting at a computer all day can also keep the body active and prevent you from feeling drowsy and limp. Moreover, you can get up and walk around while working. These advantages are sure to make you a happier and healthier worker. The cost of a desk riser is not high and it’s well worth the purchase.

The downside of a desk riser is that it takes up valuable work space. Besides, this device takes up space and is not very efficient. You might end up with an uncomfortable posture while using a desk riser. If you prefer to stand while working, it’s best to consider a desk riser that fits your needs. It will make you feel comfortable while you work. There are several types of desk risers to choose from.