The Desk Call Handyhalter

desk call handyhalter

With the Desk Call Handyhalter, you can keep your mobile phone in view, hands-free, while working. The holder is adjustable and rotatable to fit any hand-held device. The device also features a rutschfest three-layer base and an opening for tucking away the lade cable. The convenient design allows you to stay connected while working with fitness apps, recipes, or taking pictures. It will also help you stay organized!

The Desk Call Handy Halter sorgt for stability on most surfaces, including desks and nightstands. It is sturdy and features a swivel base so you can quickly attach your charging cable. You can even place your phone on it to take the perfect selfie. The Desk Call can also be placed on a nightstand for an easy-to-transport accessory. It can be used outdoors, too. This versatile stand is available in different colors and comes with an adjustable stand to fit different surfaces.