Two Decken – Sleeping in a Shared Bed

The mermaid Shirahoshi has always been a source of intrigue for the Decken family, who have been seeking her for centuries. For centuries, they’ve been sending her letters and packages, hoping to win her love. It seems that Shirahoshi is deeply in love with him, and even reserved her right hand when she was only six years old. Before proposing marriage, they even wrote wedding invitations.

However, the problem with sleeping in the same bed is that each person has different sleep patterns. The erholsamic effect of a shared deck is reduced. Sleeping in a shared room with another person is more peaceful and secure. Therefore, two decken may be a better option. In addition, it can boost your sense of belonging. Those who have never slept in the same bed as their partner can benefit from the other person’s presence.

The name comes from Nicolaus de Decken, who was a Hanoverian squire and had eight children. His family is centered in Kehdingen, Lower Saxony. The family’s coat of arms is a fireplace trammel hook. The family’s coat of arms is found in Siebmacher’s Wappenbuch, a 1605 publication. The Decken coat of arms reflects this ancestry.