W Iron on Letters – 3″ White Embroidered Iron-On Letter – W

w iron on letters

The 3″ White Embroidered Iron-On Letter – W is an easy way to add an extra touch to your T-Shirt designs. You can purchase letters in various sizes, from 2cm to 20cm, for a personal touch. These iron-on letters are perfect for creating unique wording or names that will stick out among your friends. They can be used for any fabric color, but work best on cotton.

You can even use a custom font if you want your w iron on letters to be a custom color. Regular iron-on letters have a white background, but you can design your shirts with any colour you desire. If you’re creating a logo, this is the way to go – you can even create a design with a negative space. Besides, you can make your letters match the colour of your fabric to make them stand out even more!

Before you start applying the iron-on letters, it’s important to know the proper temperature. Iron on letters made of 100 percent cotton will be more effective than using anything else. For best results, use a dry, hot iron on a flat, heat-resistant surface. Don’t forget to round off the corners to avoid peeling off the letter. A flat surface works better than an ironing board. You should also avoid placing the letters on a surface with too much moisture or humidity to prevent them from cracking.