W Iron Standard Bookcase

w iron standard bookcase

The W Iron Standard Bookcase combines sturdy mixed-material construction and storage options with an appealing, rustic style. It has three shelves and four tiers of shelving, as well as four cubby supports. It is sized to fit smaller rooms and requires no assembly. If you’re looking to make a stylish addition to your home, this bookcase is a good choice. Whether you’re in need of extra storage space or need something more functional, you’ll love this piece of furniture.

This four-shelf W Iron Bookcase stands just over 4 feet tall and is constructed with recycled materials. Its shelves are about 10 inches tall, while those for magazines and other items are about 11-12 inches high. To make sure you can reach the items on the top shelf, measure the distance between the shelves. It should have a minimum shelf depth of 72 inches and a maximum depth of 78 inches. The tall standard Bookcase comes in two styles. The tall one has five adjustable shelves and measures 71 inches tall, while the short one has three fixed shelves and is 23 inches wide. The short one is also a good option if you are looking for additional storage space.