What is a 0 Clearance Table Saw Insert?

0 clearance table saw insert

If you’re wondering what an ‘0 clearance table saw insert’ is, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s what this table saw insert is, and how it works. It’s a very simple piece of equipment. It essentially functions as a tabletop fence that keeps the blade level with the tabletop. You install this product by slipping it over the factory insert, and then place it over the blade. The fence should touch the zero clearance throat plate. You then push it into the blade, causing a kerf cut that’s right in line with the blade clearance. Once you’re finished cutting, you can remove the zero clearance throat plate. Then, sand it smooth and apply a paste wax coating.

A zero clearance table saw insert is a specialized type of insert for tablesaws. They match the width of the blade, reducing the risk of chip-out and tear-out. A zero clearance insert is typically made of birch plywood, which has multiple layers. It will not allow pieces of wood to get stuck in between the blade and throat plate. You may still need a sacrificial piece, but the resulting piece will be less likely to come off during a cut.

The zero clearance insert replaces the throat plate on a table saw. It’s the same size, shape, and thickness as the standard throat plate, but eliminates the gap between the blade and the table top. It’s essential to buy a zero clearance table saw insert if you’re serious about making a beveled angle. The zero clearance insert will keep your table saw blade level, so you won’t need to worry about cutting into your stock.