Y Ironing Board Wall Mount Hanger

y ironing board wall mount hanger

A Y ironing board wall mount hanger is an easy way to organize your board while saving floor space. The bracket is made of durable metal and features a protective film. You can install the bracket on a wall in your utility room, basement, or laundry room. It can hold most “T” and “Y” style ironing boards. It can be hung vertically or horizontally, increasing the space you have to store your ironing board.

To install the Y ironing board wall mount hanger, you will need coat hooks. You can buy new ones or use those you already have. Make sure they are made from metal so they can support the weight of the ironing board. Avoid plastic coat hooks since they are designed to hang clothing and are not strong enough to support the weight of an ironing board. In addition, you can buy accessories from online stores and chain stores. Before you begin the project, always remember that safety is paramount. Wear safety glasses and put on protective gear.

Another option for a wall mount hanger is a closet. You can choose one with a U-shaped base or two T-shaped hooks. You can purchase a hook that is made of either plastic or metal. You can also get one with a built-in space for your iron. Make sure you check the size of the ironing board before you make your purchase. It should fit the door frames that are standard.